How to get the ID and App Secret of your Facebook Application?

How to get the ID and App Secret of your Facebook Application?

Hi all partners,

To help you in setting up the Social Auto Sharing feature, today I will show you how to create an application on Facebook, then get the ID key and the secret key of this application.

Get started!

NOTE: This tutorial assumes that you don't have your Facebook application yet. If you have created an application before, you can skip through steps 1 to step 8, and start from step 9 to get the application's ID and secret key.

Create a Facebook Application

Step 1: Go to, click  My Apps then select Add New App.

Step 2: When an popup display, you need to enter the name of application (for example, PES Social Auto Sharing), then enter your email address. After that, click Create App ID.

Step 3: Enter the captcha key then click Submit.

Step 4: In the Select a Scenario screen, select Get Started with the Pages API, then click Confirm.

Step 5: Now you will be redirected to Basic Settings screen of Application Dashboard. To make your application live, you have to provide some info for your application, as the guide below:

  • The Namespace field, you can enter anything you want, but it should be like your application name, ie: social-auto-posting
  • The App Domains field, you enter:
  • The Privacy Policy URL field, you can use this URL:
  • The Terms of Serive URL field, you can use this one:
  • The Category field, you can select any categories you want.
  • The Business Use field, you select Provide services to other businesses

Step 6: scroll to the bottom of page, click to  Add Platform button.

Step 7:Select Platform popup will display, you select Website.

Step 8: In the Site URL field, you enter this address: then click Save Changes.


Get ID and Scret Key of Application

Step 9: to get App ID, still on this page, you scroll up to the top. Then you can easy finding the App ID at the top left of section.

Step 10: to get App Secret, you have to click to Show button at the right of App Secret field, then provide the password of your Facebook account, click Submit.

Get Non-Expire Facebook Page Access Token

Step 11: Go to Facebook Graph API Explorer tool:

Step 12: On this screen, click the Application dropdown menu at the top right then select this application.

Step 13: click to the Get Token button then select Get User Access Token.

Step 14: when Select Permissions window displayed, you have to make sure that the manage_pages and publish_pages permissions are checked, then click Get Access Token button.

Step 15: click Continue as [your name]

Step 16: Select the page that you want to post to there.

Step 17: make sure you checked the Manage your Pages and Publish as Pages you manage checkboxes, then click Done and OK.

Step 18: you will be redirect to Graph API Explorer page again. Now you have to click Get Token button again, but at this time select your application.

Step 19: copy the access token in the Access Token field.

Step 20: open a new browser tab then paste this URL to address box:


  • appid: Your Application ID that you found at step 9.
  • appsecret: You Application Secret key that you found at step 10.
  • accesstoken: The Facebook Page Access Token that you just found at step 19.

Step 21: Now you have the Non-Expire Facebook Page Access Token.

That it!

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment at below, we will reply as soon as posible.

Thanks for reading.

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