PES 2017 cr@ck v1.5.01 Compatible with all patches (unofficial version)

PES 2017 [email protected] v1.5.01 Compatible with all patches (unofficial version)

Download PES 2017 [email protected] v1.5.01 single link

PES 2017 [email protected] v1.5.01 Feature:

- improves the reaction of the archers (new)!!!

- improve the way the cpu projects its matches (new)!!!

- improve the trajectory of the ball and the displacement and behavior of the same (new)!!!

- improve the reaction of updated players / values

- improve the desplasamiento, greater fluidity of players / zero lag / values updated

- affects player performance (run faster) / updated values

- new trajectory in cabezaos, passes and shots from outside the area / updated values

- slightly improves the CPU


- the file. Rar contains the exe 1.5.01 and a cpk file

Cpk sticks in the data folder (make a back up before replacing)

And the exe in the game directory (make a back up before replacing)

Enjoy it, greetings

Download link:!8Uk1gIqb!itchxHE4Zh2C1O1kax7vnkkwOeKSUTF9ahU10fGiMaE

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