PES 2020: Messi, Ronaldinho & Iniesta demonstrate fresh gameplay, Master League & Matchday

PES 2020: Messi, Ronaldinho & Iniesta demonstrate fresh gameplay, Master League & Matchday

It is the PES year. It's a tremendous chance for Pro Evolution Soccer to hit back after a troubled year for their largest football game competitor EA Sports FIFA. It was a great beginning for the brand Konami, with their partnership with Spanish giants being renewed in Barcelona, with star man Lionel Messi gracing the game's front cover.

Messi is not the only legend involved in Barcelona, with Ronaldinho as an official gameplay consultant gracing the cover for the Legends Edition of the game and Andres Iniesta.

So far, a whole host of gameplay modifications have been disclosed, with the famous Master League mode being overhauled and a brand new function coming in Matchday form. This is an online mode in which you compete in a weekly goal representing a specific side, and at the end of the week you go on representing that team in a streamed Grand Final.

Official PES 2020 trailer

Release Date

On September 10, 2019 (Americas / Europe)/12 September (Asia) PES 2020 will be accessible on PS4, Xbox One and PC Steam. Lionel Messi will feature as the standard edition cover star, priced at £ 59.99, and players can also get their hands on the exclusive digital Legend Edition, featuring Brazilian Ronaldinho icon at £79.99.

Other Legend Edition bonuses include Ronaldinho and Messi's exclusive 3D-scanned 2019 version on a 10-match loan to myClub. Anyone pre-ordering either of the game's digital editions will top Andres Iniesta and 1,000 coins from myClub.

PES 2020: Messi, Ronaldinho & Iniesta demonstrate fresh gameplay, Master League & Matchday

Lionel Messi said: "I'm very pleased to be on the cover of eFootball PES 2020. I've always been looking forward to seeing who's going to be on the cover since I was a little kid. Now my son is playing the game and I have to say he's very excited that it's going to be me. He's even asked me several times why I haven't been on it, so I'm really happy now that I'm."


Enlisting iconic midfielder Andres Iniesta's knowledge has shaped the recent installment with a renewed focus on immersion and authenticity, incorporating his inherent capacity to read the room around him and slip into a fresh vibrant dribbling method through the tiniest cracks of an impregnable defensive line ; the finesse dribble.

Renowned as one of the most enjoyable players in football, Ronaldinho's distinctive football style is also coming to PES 2020, featuring animation sets that enable players to move like the man himself, using unparalleled technical flair and fluid motion to beat advocates, along with first-touch showboat methods like chest and back control.

PES 2020: Messi, Ronaldinho & Iniesta demonstrate fresh gameplay, Master League & Matchday

Other announced elements include fresh first-touch methods, upgraded trapping mechanics, context-sensitive kick-free precision, enhanced ball physics, and fresh skills & abilities. There are also fresh methods of defending, including the intentional foul and an adaptive player interaction scheme that recreates on-pitch player personalities.

Master League remastered

PES 2020 Master League remastered with Diego Maradona

Great changes are coming to Master League fan-favourite mode, marked by a strong fresh interactive dialog system that places the reins strongly in the hands of players when it comes to managing the development of stories. This allows players to select answers that match their character to drive progress and generate their own private tale of the Master League.

The PES 2020 transfer market will also feature a brand new algorithm that ensures that transfers, transfer charges, wages and other components are closely aligned with fact.

Further additions include:

  • Create and customize sponsor logos during interviews and on the primary menu screen of the Master League
  • Use high-performance 3D scanning technology to capture pictures of people of variable body shapes and sizes to customize manager models with higher liberty
  • Or use one of several iconic directors, including Zico, Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona, to play through the Master League.

Brand-New Mode: Matchday

Represent the sides in the big game of the week to make strides in the eFootball scene

Matchday distills the essence of football culture into a competitive format in a brand-new mode for PES 2020 that lifts players out of the viewer stands and brings them on the pitch. At the beginning of each weekly case, align yourself with one of two distinct sides where each perfectly positioned pass and unleashed show-stop goal adds points to victory.

Stand with PES newcomers as well as experienced professionals as you work together to create an benefit in front of the Grand Final for your side. As each weekly event enters its final stage, the outcomes of all Group Matches played are analyzed to discover each side's best performing user. These users are selected as Representatives, earning the right to compete in the Grand Final on behalf of their chosen side–fully viewable via a livestream feed in Matchday mode.

Additional game features

Barcelona's Camp Nou is one of five stadiums named on PES 2020 so far

This year, the beautiful game has never looked better with PES 2020 introducing an enhanced lighting engine, enhanced player models, realistic cut scenes and replay footage, plus a totally fresh preset camera angle that provides an impressive broadcast feeling.

Only five stadiums have been appointed as part of PES 2020, Camp Nou in Barcelona, the Emirates (Arsenal), Allianz Parque (Palmeiras), El Monumental (River Plate) and La Bombonera (Boca Juniors). There are plans to announce more partner clubs in July, so expect to include a whole host of more stadiums in the game.

Stay tuned for more PES 2020 content on PES Social.

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