PES 2019 EvoSwitcher v5.1 Fix

Fix EvoAnthem - Fix EvoDecode run together

PES 2019 PTE Kitserver by Cesc v1.0

The complete GDB structure of all teams included in PTE Patch, even all original Konami teams and Fake Teams, including every ftex file. You don't need to worry anymore about uniformparameter files, cpk files etc.

PES 2019 EvoSwitcher v5.0 AIO

Added New Animations, balls, Europa League Banner, Stadium boards, Stadium Tunnel, ML Graphic - Update Anthem, Manager Kit, Press Room, Referee Kits, Scoreboards, Kits, Sider, & Tournament Menu Music

PES 2019 Sider SMoKE Patch 19 V2

Compatible with new Data Pack 6 - Camera.lua caches its memory for faster startup - Install will update the sider only, no remove any content - Separate dll update available too.

PES 2019 Sider 5.4.1

PES 2019 Sider 5.4.1

PES 2019 Sider 5.4.1 by Juce: added support for 1.06.00 game exe

PES 2019 Kitserver (Sider Module) by juce

Download - How to Use - How to install the Kitserver : a Lua module for Sider 5 for PES 2019

PES 2019 Sider 5.4.0

PES 2019 Sider 5.4.0

Download PES 2019 Sider 5.4.0: Kit manipulation support - Camera.lua - New "jit_enabled" option in sider.ini

PES 2019 Kit Studio v1.1

PES 2019 Kit Studio v1.1

Kit Studio 2019 - version 1.1 - UniColor, UniformParameter and KitConfig editor, GDB exporter for Kitserver

PES 2019 Editor V4.0 by ejogc327

Versión 4.0. Corrected some issues (position, appearances), Add +% and -% in global functions.

PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0

PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0

UTF-8 changes - New Lua events - Startup cache - Updated trophy-server

PES 2019 EvoSwitcher Update v4.3

This update will fix anthem for latest exe KONAMI Update and Update EvoGraphics @Omina Tricko

PES 2017 Multi Switcher 2019 AIO

New Scoreboards 2019 For All Leagues & Competition - New Tunnel 2019 For All Stadium - New Master League & Competitions Backgrounds - New trophy 2019 - New Intro Songs For top teams - New Corner Flag - New Center Circle Flag - New Snow Mod (Random Winter Mod) - And More

PES 2019 EvoSwitcher v4.2 - Compatible with DataPack 5

Update referee-kit, Update Ball, Update CommonLib.luA, Update EvoPressRoom, Update sider.dll, Update anthem team specific league, Update GoalSong, Add EvoMockStadium, Fix UCL/UEL Scene in Final, Fix UEL Trophy selebration

PES 2019 Sider v5.2.3

PES 2019 Sider v5.2.3

Ironically, i was trying to make sider work even when they change the exe... But some changes still break it - added support for 1.05.00 game exe

PES 2019 DpFileList Generator by Baris v2.1 - Compatible with DataPack 5.0

The newest version of the best DpFileList Generator by Baris, which is fully compatible with PES 2019 DataPack 5.0 just released.

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