eFootball PES 2020 Sou's Realistic Tactics v1.0 by Soumen44

Realistic Tactics for EPL clubs and Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid - for eFootball PES 2020 Evoweb Patch 1.0

PES 2020 PROVA Gameplay by Incas36

This is vanilla dt18 with tweaks on cursor change and on pairAnime - One dt18 have more changes in sections - Cursor version have changes in cursor like PROVA version.

PES 2017 New Gameplay Like PES 2020 v2 by DzPlayZ

Slow Gameplay Like PES2020, GK Reaction, Defender Agressive, And More for PES 2017 on PC by DzPlayZ

PES 2020 New Gameplay For PES 2017 by DzPlayZ

Slow Gameplay Like PES2020 - GK Reaction - Defender Agressive - And More from PES 2020 gameplay for PES 2017 on PC by DzPlayZ

PES 2020 Gameplay for PES 2017 by PES Empire

Bring the new gameplay from PES 2020 to PES 2017 on PC by PES Empire

PES 2019 Champion League Mode for PES 2017

Champions League Score board, The beginning room of the Champions League 2019, Graphic Minion and Champions League Wallpapers 2019, Champions League Ads 2019, Champions League Ball 2019, The Champions League 2019, Ball phase exclusion 2019

PES 2019 Gameplay Patch New CPU Level by Incas36

This new dt18 based on Mike_2 error corrected Golf_2_2 and Mike_1, but with some changes in the new values found in combinations (section constant_team.bin), as well as with tweaks in CpuLevel.json and the rating system.

PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch by BlackSunIT

New gameplay patch for PES 2019 PC. You can feel the diffrence between this gameplay and vanilla version. You can also combine this gameplay mod with modified .exe gameplay by Incas36 or Hels.

Sider 5.2.0 For PES 2019 by Juce

What’s new:– overlay can now be controlled by gamepad: Lua modules can use new “gamepad_input” event. Press “RT+LT” to toggle the overlay on/off. Press “LT” to switch to next module in the overlay.– new “livecpk_read” event for examining the data as the...

Sider 5.1.4 For PES 2019 by Juce

– fix for “3-subs-only” bug. Previously, if you had set the number of substitutions to any value other than 3, it would cause some of the sider events not to trigger. That would break StadiumServer in exhibition mode, for example. Fixed now. Big thanks to @Cesc Fabregas for finding this!– tweak...

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