PES 2017 ONE TWO Patch Fix Faces by PES Empire

Faces for I. Strinić, S. Castillejo, A. Donnarumma, M. Musacchio, L. Biglia, L. Paquetá, P. Cutrone, A. Conti, F. de Jong, B. Fernandes, Foyth, H. Winks, D. James, M. Wague, M. Caldara, Y. Atal, Schick, R. Puig, C. Ünder, R. Olsen, F. Ruiz for PES 2017 ONE TWO Patch

PES 2019 AZTK Patch CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019

Compatible with Evoswitcher 5.2 - Add CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 to PES 2019 on PC by PES AZTK

PES 2017 ONE TWO Patch v3.1

Last transfers, Adding new kits, new Body style, graphics and stadiums Championship Nations of Africa, MENU Nations OF Africa and PES 2020, new faces, new corridors, fix the problem of appearance ball AND ADD NEW ball, and more...


Compatible with data pack 6.00, added Mexcian League, Copa América 2019 100% licensed...and much more.

PES 2019 Super Star Patch v1

Added the Evoswitcher tool 5.1, Added a large number of faces, Kits, Leagues and teams and unlicensed National Teams, all transfers for all teams, large number of mini faces, feature of playing all the matches of the Champions League at night and not during the day, and many more...

PES 2019 Professionals Patch v2.1

Add All Africa Cup Of Nations Stadiums, Add Africa Cup Of Nations 2019, Add Copa America 2019, Add Top Summer Transfers 2019, Add New faces, Compatible With DataPack 6, Add Real Trophies for most tournaments, Improve Players Ratings, And more...

PES 2019 MjPES Patch v1.00 - Full Licenced AIO season 2019/2020

The first version of MjPES for the PES 2019 PC - Full Licenced AIO season 2019/2020

EGY Super Patch 2019 v5.0 By MODY 99

Compatible With All Versions & Datapack 6.0 - Compatible With Online Mode (Kits & Logos) - And much more...

PES 2017 New Season Patch 2020 v1.0

Last summer transfer, More than 100 new Kits, More than 500 new faces, Update leagues new season, New graphics & menu PES 2020, Update Copa America & Africa Cup Of Nations Squad + Kits, More than 1900 minifaces, and much more...

PES 2017 New Season 2019/2020 Patch - Mini Patch 600mb

Last summer transfer 2019/2020 - More than 100 new Kits 2019/2020 - Update leagues new season 2019/2020 - New graphics & menu PES 2020 - Update Copa America & Africa Cup Of Nations Squad + Kits - And many more...

PES 2017 ONE TWO Patch V3 + Fix

Includes Data Pack 3 - Add the Major League Soccer (20 teams) in the top teams - Add the Chinese Super League (16 teams) to the rising teams - And much more...

PES 2017 17-20 Patch v1 by KK-PES

Based on V4 gameplay of 17-19-patch. The gameplay of PES 2020 we didnt try yet but from videos and gameplay trailer and trailer.

PES 2019 Peruvian Patch v1.0

Pes Peruvian Patch V1 arrives for all of you thanks to our group of editors who worked day and night so that this great project is carried out, many think that PPP is a single person, but not friends, we are a whole team.

PES 2019 EGY New season Mini Patch for PES Professional by Hano Mods

Datapack 6 - The Egyptian and German league full - Champions League update and European role - Latest crews for season 2019 for all teams and teams - Latest winter transfers 2019 - Update of balls, shoes and gloves - Update of trainers, formations and mini - And many other additions in patch ❤💪

PES Tuning Patch 2019 v1. Fixed DLC6

Includes lastest PES2019 Patch 1.06.00 & lastest PES2019 Data Pack 6.00 for PES 2019 Pes Tuning Patch 2019 v1. A.I.O

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