4 Best PES 2020 formations

Ensure victory both online and off with this quartet of the best PES 2020 formations

eFootball PES 2020: How to Import Options Files for PC & PS4

You will be able to import the names, logos and full official records of the eFootball PES 2020 unlicensed teams if you follow the tutorials in this post

PES 2020, Guide to Finesse Dribbling: How to Perform Precision Dribbling

In eFootball PES 2020 you can run the Finesse Dribbling, a precision dribble that allows you to overcome opponents more effectively and elegantly. In this mini-guide, we explain how it works and how to do it.

Mixed stadiums converted from PES 2019 to PES 2020

In this post there are some mixed stadiums that has been converted from PES 2019 to PES 2020 by people following my tutorial

How to convert stadiums from PES 2019 to PES 2020

Premise: converting your PES 2019 stadium with this tutorial, the stadiums won't be perfect and probably will have some small problems but the quality is acceptable

Why PES 2020 will beat FIFA 20 to be the best football game of this year

Exclusive licenses and enhanced graphics are just part of why this year the name of Konami will dominate.

PES 2020: Everything you need to know

PES 2020 is coming. Here's the everything you need to know about the latest game in Pro Evolution Soccer serie of Konami

First impression of eFootball PES 2020

We're trying Konami's recent football game to find out if the assistance of Iniesta has added any additional finesse to the iteration of this year.

SMoKE Patch new season plans

SmokePatch is preparing for the new season, many teams will have new kits, many transfers to be made, and other updates and enhancements will be available in the new season patch.

PES 2019 Cr@ck 1.6.01 - Compatible with all patches (UNOFFICIAL VERSION)

New anti-lag system - The system of faults has been improved - The shooting system has been improved - The "post goal" time has been improved - And many more updated...

Arsenal Kit pack Fantasy For Pes 17 By Jooh 74

Arsenal Kit pack Fantasy For Pes 17 By Jooh 74   download link :  http://tuasil.com/H7W8knAK Credit: Jooh 74 Kit Maker My facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/Jooh-74-Kit-Maker-2162676920713735/?modal=admin_todo_tour  

PES 2019 cr@ck v1.5.02 Compatible with all patches

Crack 1.5.02 (unofficial version) for PES 2019 CPY compatible with all patches and sider "Auto swichers".

PES 2019 Egypt AFCON 2019 Kits By Aymen Yastrin

Download: ZippyShare if you use any Patch you have to read the tutorial very important !! if you dont use any patch copy the cpk file in your download file use DpFileList Generator 2019 to install the kits Dont use this kits in any work with-out permission respect my work and all the PES Editors work For More kits or q...

PES 2017 cr@ck v1.5.01 Compatible with all patches (unofficial version)

Improves the reaction of the archers (new)!!! Improve the way the cpu projects its matches (new)!!! Improve the trajectory of the ball and the displacement and behavior of the same (new)!!!

10 tips to help you win PES 2019

How to guide your team to victory in the brilliantly authentic new Pro Evolution Soccer game.

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