PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie

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Download PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie single link

PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie Features:

This pack contains 8 faces for the following players of Schalke 04 FC:

  1. B. Oczipka – Player ID: 44829
  2. D. Caligiuri – Player ID: 106787
  3. C. Teuchert – Player ID: 120358
  4. Max Meyer – Player ID: 113286
  5. M. Langer – Player ID: 118197
  6. A. Schopf – Player ID: 112377
  7. B. Tekpetey – Player ID: 114305
  8. S. Reither – Player ID: 6500

And a good news is, this pack is fully compatible with PES 2017 PTE Patch 6.5.1 by tauvic99

How to Install PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie?

1 – Copy CPK file to PES 2017 Download folder, which is located as default at “C: » Program Files » Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 » download”, or “C: » Program Files (x86) » Steam » steamapps » common » PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2017 » download

2 – Generate DpFileList.bin by using PES 2017 DpFileList Generator v1.8 for DLC 3.00 by Baris

3 – Play & Enjoy!

Of course if you are wondering there are too many individual face files while the amount of slot in the DpFileList Generator is limited, do not forget to merge them into a single file.


PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie
PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie



Like my fp : Eddie Facemaker


  • Patch name: PES 2017 Schalke 04 Facepack by Eddie
  • Patch version: v1 – released 30/04/2018
  • Patch Size: 24.4 MB
  • Compatible with Platform: PC
  • Compatible with PES Version: PES 2017
  • Compatible with other Patches/OFs: All Patchs

Unrar Password: Unlock Backup Link Password: Leave Comment To Ask

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  • Erwin

    May 15, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Buat versi AIO nya dong Bang. Soalnya DP List Ordernya maksimal cuma 35


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