PES 2018 Release Date, Pre-Order Details And New Features Announced

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 will be released on September 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Konami is looking to expand the quality and appeal of their product after another strong release last year.

PES 2017 had the most realistic gameplay of the two major soccer simulations, but it was slightly impeded by its lack of licenses and a few shallow features. The licensing problem doesn’t figure to improve drastically, but it does appear that many of PES’ modes will be more fleshed out.

“Where Legends are Made” is this year’s tagline and the new game will boast new features, an esports friendly mode, and a PC version.

Per the press release provided to me, PES 2018 has more new additions than any title in the series over the past 10 years. Even the gameplay engine is due for more improvements.

Matches are played at a more realistic pace, while a new strategic dribbling system offers greater close control, including contextual shielding to protect the ball. Similarly, simple movements of the control stick can be used to initiate shimmies designed to wrong-foot defenders. Konami has also implemented a REAL Touch + process, wherein players will react to receiving a ball using permissible parts of the body, such as chest, head and legs to bring a pass under control dependent on the height and pace of the incoming ball. All set piece routines have also been totally reworked, notably the way penalty kicks are taken and a one-player kick off routine as well.

The new REAL Capture system promises enhanced visuals as it pertains to environments and player likenesses. The teaser trailer below looks phenomenal. The full reveal trailer is due out on June 13.

Full 11v11 online play returns, but there’s also 2v2 and 3v3 matches as well. myClub will also return with new content. It showed potential in previous years, including the coolest player reveals in all collector’s modes within sports video games, but it still felt a little empty.

Speaking of empty, Master League was especially barren in PES 2017. In PES 2018, it will now feature pre-season tournaments, a new transfer system, pre-match interviews and analysis from the changing rooms. PES 2017 needed a dose of personality and these additions could deliver the missing ingredients.

The new PES League is designed to help grow the series’ promising esports presence.

PES 2018Credit: Konami

PES 2018 is a title that finds the series at the very top of its game,” commented Masami Saso, President of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “It is a game that builds on the foundations of the resurgent series and has taken on board requests from our growing fan base. It is also a game with an eye on the future. As eSports continue to develop as a worldwide force, PES 2018’s inclusion of a dedicated PESLeague mode removes any barrier to entry to die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Konami is committed to breaking new ground with the PES series, and PES 2018 sees us enter the field more confident and determined to excel than ever.”

Fans who pre-order the digital FC Barcelona Special Edition on PS4, XB1 or Steam will receive additional content. The full package hasn’t been revealed, but it will include 1,000 myClub coins and 5 myClub player agents, which guarantees a top UEFA Champions League player, as well as a top club and legend from FC Barcelona.

We’re not sure what EA Sports has in store for fans when it releases information on FIFA 18, but it’ll need to be pretty strong if the publisher hopes to hold off its hard-charging challenger.

Source: Forbes


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