PES 2018 PS4 Option File v8 AIO

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PES 2018 PS4 Option File v8 AIO Single Link.

PES 2018 PS4 Option File v8 AIO Features:

– Put the kits in all the national teams
There are many new faces, exults, and hundreds of call-names.
– Fixed some errors in previous versions.

Download PES 2018 PS4 Option File v8 AIO:

How to Install PES 2018 PS4 Option File v8 AIO?

  1. Extract the file with WinRAR
  2. Move the WEPES folder to a USB device
  3. Connect the USB device to the PS4
  4. Go to Modify mode
  5. Select Data Manager
  6. Select Import / Export
  7. Select Import Competition
  8. Select everything with square
  9. Continue and select Overwrite Images with the same name
  10. Select OK
  11. Select Import Team
  12. Select everything with square
  13. Continue and select Apply player and team data and Overwrite images with the same name
  14. Select OK
  15. Wait for file transfers
  16. Exit Edit mode and save the data
  17. Go to Apply Live Update (in the Extras menu under Modify)
  18. Select Update Team Roses and OK
  19. Overwrite saved data
  20. Enjoy!


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