Join our Partner Program

Participation in the PES Club Partner Program is a great way to gain additional credibility for your Patchs, or tools… while enhancing your revenue opportunities. Qualified participants are entitled to a wide range of benefits, including promote your products to many PESers as well as earn money from your work.

How this Program works?

Very simple. You, or your team share your patchs, tools, tutorials, video guide that you own to PES Club ( And for your benefit is guaranteed, you should make sure the links to download that one has not been posted to any other websites, blogs else. In case you would like to share your patch at somewhere, you can insert a link back to your post on PES Club. Then, your revenue will be maximized.

In case aren’t a Patch maker, you’re still able to join with us by sharing your tutorials, experience, or how you feel about this game serie…

The amount you receive will depend on the quality of post and the number views that it owns: the longer your post has, the more money you earn. Likewise, the more visitors view your post, the more revenue you get. Beside that, you can even earn more if your posts have comments and you frequently answer the questions from visitors. (View the payout rate)

Terms and Conditions

Once in our Partner Program, you must comply with the following provisions:

  1. Make sure that the posts submitted to PES Club haven’t been available anywhere else. You can share your posts on somewhere, but you are not allowed to include the download link. Instead of that, please use the link that point to original post on PES Club.
    If we find that you do this, the entire amount in your account will be revoked.
  2. Make sure that the posts are written clearly:
    – Write name and version of your product in Post Title (required).
    – Posts must clearly state the product’s features and the new update features in current version (required).
    – Posts must have the installation guide (required).
    – Posts should have some screenshot and upload them to IMGUR service before insert into post. You can register a free IMGUR account here. (Optional)
    – Post must clearly state the credit(s) and the author(s) (required).
  3. You can use your download links: single link, direct link, shorten link… But we have the right to mirror your link for serving our V.I.P members. We are responsible for ensuring that normal visitors will never see them.
  4. We have the right to edit your posts to suit the site’s layout and fixing spelling errors, while ensuring that the content of posts keep intact.
  5. Your posts are written in English, we do not accept any other languages. Therefore, in case you do not have the ability to write in English, we will have the right to translate your entire post into English. This leads to the length of your post will be changed, meaning that the amount you earn will be changed also.


Payout rates are listed very clearly on this page, you can click on link to view.

Get Started:

If you are interested and want to join with us to make money, click the following button to redirect to PES Club Partners Registration Page.


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How long will I get money?
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How long will my post be approved?
I'm introducing my patches on a forum and having my own community. How can I become your partner while retaining my users?
How to view my revenue reports?


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at