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    Make Money
    But Keep Your Passion

    Forget link shortening services that make your fans feel very frustrated.
    We pay you for what you deserve.
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    Don't know make patch?
    Share your knowledge!

    You don't need to be a patch maker to join our partner team. As long as you can share knowledge with everyone, you are fully qualified to join us..

The fastest and easiest way
to monetization from your patches

Hight Payout Rates

Our CPM rates are always higher than the shortened link services that you are using to make money online

Anytime Withdrawal

As long as you have the minimum amount in your account and no pending withdrawals, you can submit a withdrawal request at any time.

Paypal Integrated

We use Paypal in the payment service to ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties in withdrawing money

Manage your patches with ease

Patch and its versions management functions and are built intuitively, easy to get used to, so you don't take time to publish your work and start making money instantly.

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Patch Manager
Social Auto Posting

Auto sharing to your Fanpage.

Now you only have to publish your patch once time only on our site, your linked Facebook fanpage & Twitter will automatically share this patch about 1 minute after publishing moment.

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Discover powerful tool for your reports.

Powerful reporting tool helps you understand which patch attracts the most reader, where your fans are coming from, or how much income they bring you, in any time period.

Withdrawal processing monitor

How much money do you have in your account? How much money can you withdraw at the present? What is the current status of your withdrawal request?... You will have all the answers on the Withdrawal Management.

Do you have any questions?
Find the answers:

How to become a partner?

Having an account and has at least 3 approved posts, or using the form below to directly register for a partner account.

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Minimum Payout?

Currently, in order to submit a withdrawal request, you must have at least $5.00 in your account, and no other requests are being processed.

Payout Gateway?

We use Paypal, and only Paypal, as the payment gateway service to ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties in withdrawing money.