PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0

UTF-8 changes - New Lua events - Startup cache - Updated trophy-server

PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0

A version of PES 2019 Sider, Editing Tools for Pro Evolution Soccer
Released: 2019-05-14 10:50:13
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Pro Evolution Soccer
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PES 2019

UTF-8 changes - New Lua events - Startup cache - Updated trophy-server

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Download PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0 single link, released May 14, 2019

PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0 features:

  • UTF-8 changes: now using standard Windows API for faster, more stable conversions between utf-8 and wide-char encodings.
  • New Lua events: "livecpk_data_ready" and "key_up"
  • Startup cache: the game now starts much faster
  • Updated trophy-server (trophy.lua + trophies)

The UTF-8 change improves stability and eliminates crashes that were due to incorrect encodings of map files. The startup cache cuts down sider initialization time to under 2 seconds. (It was getting to the point where it was taking ~15-20 seconds due to all the hooks and searching for patterns every time, which was way too slow)

How to update your existing sider?

Take these files from the archive: sider.exe , sider.dll , doc folder (has updated documentation). Also in the modules directory, there are updated and new examples - on how to use "livecpk_data_ready" event, and so for. You can keep the rest of your existing files.



PES 2019 Sider 5.3.0 is a free patch for PES 2019. You can download through 1 server below.

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