FM to PES Stats Converter and Player Scouter v1.1

FM to PES Stats Converter and Player Scouter v1.1

Mar 27, 2021 at 10:37
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FM to PES Stats Converter and Player Scouter 2021 v.1.1


FM Stats Converter and Player Scouter is a new tool for converting the player stats from Football Manager 2021 to Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 or FIFA Soccer 2021. By this way the PES/FIFA gameplay will be looking more realistic. In addition, using this tool you can scout any player you want asking special characteristics/abilities

in this version:
-new faster search engine
-database of 9051 best fm players (according to their current ability)
-auto player stats conversion from FM 2021 to PES or FIFA soccer
-manual conversion
-scout players by choosing fm special characteristics/abilities
-available photo for each player

user instructions:
-it's an excel (.xlsm) based file including macros, and has only been tested in pc
-just open (you need the excel app installed) the relevant xlsm file and choose to enable editing / content

video instructions:




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