PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO

PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO

May 30, 2020 at 05:50
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PlayStation 4
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PES 2020
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Download PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO single link, released May 30, 2020.

Thanks to the great work of our Editors, Our community Option File is now available to all of you!

Arrive at Edit PES the OF General V3 for eFootball PES 2020 made by the editors of our community!! A great team has been working on this OF which arrives loaded with big surprises!

This Option File that comes updated to Today has updated and special Kits, New Faces, Updated Trainers, Added Youth Players, among other add-ons, thus becoming one of our MOST complete Option Files for you eFootball PES2020!

PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO features:

  • + 500 Kits added in ALL option File (Detailed below).
  • + 70 Kits added for the First Division of England.
  • + 80 Kits added for the Second Division of England.
  • + 70 Kits added for the First Division of Spain.
  • + 80 Kits added for the Second Division of Spain.
  • Several New Kits added for the Italian First Division (including Brescia).
  • +40 Special Kits added to various licensed teams of the game.
  • All National Selections of South America with Kits added.
  • All National Selections from North and Central America with Kits added.
  • All Africa National Selections with Kits added.
  • All National Eisis/Oceania Selections with Kits added.
  • Corrected templates for all Selections that had fake names in the game.
  • +500 Faces edited with the Internal Editor.
  • HD Images of Trainers for 7 FULL leagues.
  • Official Sponsors for the First Divisions teams of England, Spain and Portugal.
  • Generic Sponsors for the teams of the French First Division and National Teams.
  • Assigned rivalries for all possible cases.
  • Stadiums assigned for each team.
  • And many more Surprises....

We want to thank AndrewPES content creator on Youtube, as I make a Special version of this Option File V3 by joining it with all the other option files we have made throughout the season of eFootballPES2020!! You can find the link below that comes with:



* You do not need to have OF V1 or V2 installed.

** Required 100% Download and install the Championships/Leagues(Link Apart).

* This OF DOES NOT include option files of fictitious leagues or leagues such as Brasileirao, Liga Argentina, Chilena, Colombiana, etc... They must be downloaded separately in the articles of said league and installed in the same way or but download the Special version below!!

* THE OF is made up of more than 600 images. It weighs approximately 900 MB.

* If there is a bug in any league or team when importing simply remember which team or league I try to import and do it manually again, sometimes the game gives error!

*If you give error and no kit will need to be installed manually, for that watch video of Andrew PES below!

* Templates are updated up to 29/05/2020 and the latest live update before football interruption.

* To install THE OF correctly, you must tick the 2 lockers that appear when installing a TED.

*We recommend performing a clean installation for the Option File V3, which would be to delete everything and install everything from 0, we will leave a video tutorial of Secarden below!

* We recommend installing TEDs gradually to avoid problems in your installation.

* If you want to install it on your eFootball PES 2020 for PC, you will need to remove the Trainers and Sponsors folders for it to install properly.

How to install PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO?

INSTALLATION Tutorial Clean an Option File

Tutorial for INSTALLING Kits Manually


  • July-Cuervo98 (Principal Editor)
  • Laucha (Main Editor)
  • Miguel Zamora (Contributor)
  • Andrés Rocha (Contributor)
  • Robldea2015 (Contributor)
  • PESLOGOS (Collaboration in the Logos of leagues, competitions and teams)
  • WE_DP99_PES (Mainly Contributor of the Portuguese League)
  • Xurgen PES (Kitmaker)
  • Bromley PES (Kitmaker)
  • Sando (Kitmaker)
  • Gabriel94 (Kitmaker)
  • Camilo Londoño (Kitmaker)
  • Muntjac09 (Kitmaker)
  • ElPixa (Kitmaker)
  • UCH (Kitmaker)
  • Christian Nippon (Kitmaker)
  • Bruno Manoel (Kitmaker)
  • Eder Mello (Kitmaker)
  • JP Kitmaker (Kitmaker)
  • Guita (Kitmaker)
  • KTM Frames (Kitmaker)
  • Manuu CABJ (Kitmaker)
  • Xul DDJ (Kitmaker)
  • Marc_11_11 (Kitmaker)
  • LH Kitmaker (Kitmaker)
  • Angel Torero (Collaboration in Kits)
  • Jose Fiesta (Collaboration in Kits)
  • Fernando Saenz (Sponsors)
  • Juampy_050 (Facemaker)
  • Machiavelli40 (Facemaker)
  • Thiago PES (Facemaker)
  • QFABIVSMAXIMO (Facemaker)
  • Dani Garvan (Facemaker)
  • AMX Editions (Facemaker)
  • Diego PES (Facemaker)
  • Matthew (Facemaker)
  • AgusPES Editor (Facemaker)
  • PES Suggestions (Facemaker)
  • 99Doogs (Facemaker)
  • NaxodiPES (Facemaker)
  • Rodrigo Gavinho (Facemaker)
  • Federico Guggeri (Facemaker)
  • UG Frames (Facemaker)
  • JonyBR (Facemaker)
  • Douglas (Facemaker)
  • MNL (Face Collaboration)
  • Ruben MG (Faces Collaboration)
  • EditfaceM (Faces Collaboration)
  • Abel Petriz (Collaboration in Faces)
  • AgustinGuc (Faces Collaboration)
  • Kitfisto (Collaboration in Faces)
  • Ronystan (Collaboration in Faces)
  • Manuelito (Collaboration in Faces)

Download PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO!

PES 2020 PS4 Editemos PES Option File v3 AIO is a free Option Files for PES 2020. You can download through 1 server below.

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