PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO

PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO

Jul 07, 2020 at 15:45
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PES 2020
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Download PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO, released Jul 07, 2020.

PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO features:

  • Added the promoted teams for: Liga Colombiana, Liga Chilena.
  • New teams added: Qarabag, Dudelange, Rosenborg, Ferencvarosi, Olexandriya, Wolfsberger, Slovan Bratislava, Partizan, Astana.
  • New national teams added: DR Congo, Gabon.
  • Scoreboard added for: FIFA World Cup. Total amount: 48.
  • Scoreboard updated for: Premier League.
  • Team logo updated for: Carabobo FC.
  • Referee kits added for: J League.
  • Badges added for the promoted teams in Liga Colombiana.
  • Badges fixed for: Boca Juniors.
  • Kis updated for: Arabia Saudi, Bolivia, and all the teams in Liga Colombiana.
  • Real kits for all the new teams added in this version.
  • Faces added and updated for 145 players. Total amount: 1542. Fixed many faces that had issues.
  • Mini faces added for 507 players. Total amount: 8155.
  • Added 36 new stadiums. Total amount: 404.
  • Updated more than 66 stadiums, which have been replaced by another version or have been slightly improved.
  • Flares at the beginning of the match in all the Brazilian stadiums.
  • Real colored nets for a total of 27 teams.
  • Choreos for all the Spanish and German stadiums, and also for some others.
  • Fixed the flickering effect and white/blue textures around the grass in most of the stadiums.
  • Added the Endo's v1.7 REDUX + Vanilla Turf Plus v1.3.3 + addon in some stadiums. Some stadiums include the Makidan's Forstbite Pitch.
  • Stadium assignations for all the competition's final matches, being as much realistic as possible.
  • The name of many stadiums has been updated.
  • Adboards updated for teams: Mainz, Norwich, Real Sociedad, Getafe, Villarreal, Granada, Athletic, Levante, Osasuna.
  • Adboards updated for competitions: J. League.
  • Goal songs added for teams: PSG.
  • Corner flags added for teams: 25 from Argentina, 16 from Belgium.
  • Corner flags added for all the UEFA Euro 2020 stadiums.
  • Tunnels added for all the UEFA Euro 2020 stadiums. We also have added tunnels for Ascoli and Bolonia stadiums.
  • Tunnels added for competitions: Liga MX, Copa MX.
  • Updated the Hawke's ball server to the v10.0 one, which includes new balls and some updates. We also have added some extra balls and linked the balls for LaLiga Smartbank, Liga Mx, J League. Total balls: 251.
  • Updated the Hawke's menu server to the v3.0 one, which includes the UEFA Euro 2020 menus updated and a fix for circular logos.
  • Updated the Hawke's referee kit server to the v5.0 one, which adds new textures (for UEFA Euro 2020, UCL, UEL, USC) and fixes some collar models.
  • Updated the Predator002's tournament anthems pack to the v6.4 one, which adds 14 new tournament anthems. Total amount: 49.
  • Updated the Kunpup's team anthems pack to the v3.4 one, which adds official team anthems for all teams in Serie A, Serie BKT, Premier League, Sky Bet Championship EFL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Raiffeisen Super League, and some other teams from all over the world.
  • Updated the Predator002's national anthems pack to the v4.1 one.


How to install PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO?

  1. Download the 14 parts of the Patch, via Direct Download or Torrent. Unzip the parts, preferably with WinRAR.
  2. Execute Patch 2020 v6.exe installer. Make sure that the correct eFootball PES 2020 folder is selected.
  3. Download the 6 parts of the Stadiums, via Direct Download or Torrent. Unzip de parts, preferably with WinRAR.
  4. Move the folder stadium-server to your content folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\content") - do not overwrite files, please delete your previous stadium-server folder.
  5. Download the Edit and unzip it, preferably with WinRAR.
  6. Move the files EDIT00000000 to the default PES 2020 save folder (normally in "C:\Users\{USER}\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\{NUMBER}\save"), replacing the current one.
  7. Execute the shortcut Patch 2020 v6 created in your desktop. It will run the game + sider.
  8. Enjoy!


Special thanks:

  • Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Gnen, Meryoju, Juaniyo, Zagro, AnArKi_FrOsT, 6ons1, Garythano, DeyBIOS, Pablosky, Neorul. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn't be possible.
  • Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Nesa24, Zlac, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, [email protected], Ejogc327, Razib_46, Lagun-2 or Smeagol75. Their tools make us easier the edition task.


  • Database edited by Txak.
  • Stats and teams configuration by Txak, Neorul, RK7, ejogc327, lagun-2, PesoccerPeru, PesFanIt, RK7, PESUniverse, PesVicioBR, AndrewPES, iamRubenMG.
  • Master League coaches linked to classic players by SoulBallZ.


  • All faces compiled and tested by Garythano, Neorul. Thanks also to Juaniyo for his cooperation.
  • Faces by Lucas, Ahmed el Shenany, Jonathan Facemaker, Emre T, DNB, Prince Hamiz, Volun, Huybuy, Jarray and White Demon, Eric, Tiitoo, Return, Ratatui, Messi pradeep, Fede, Galacton, Shaft, MadMax, Nene, Luis, Ghufran, Bou7a, Sofyan Andri, Francisco1507, ndrey93, Konami, Stranger, Danger, Unknown facemaker, bebo, K, Raden, Dustmcpw, AmirHsn7, KepaRik, Mincho, Octavio, FootballMania, Viktor S, PESWEB, Maratik182, Lr7face, Bolulu, Amey Varangaonkar, Spursfan18, Gordoumbanda, Whoami, Rednik, L.G.R. Facemaker, Jovic, Jovic1901 Juanchi25, DAVIDJM08, champions1989, ultra1312, Dominic, Oliver Martin, ABS, vojasrbin, I3ens, Farouk278, Bonofacemaker, Cybermaker, SR, Rachmad ABs, Andò12345, Random, Fernbacher, Nahue, MARK, Roger Contreras, onethiin, PES AZTK.
  • Master League coach faces by Jonathan Facemaker.
  • Master League coach mini faces by SoulBallZ.


  • All kits compiled, prepared, and tested by Txak.
  • Kits by Txak, Angeltorero, CDKitMaker, Aerialedson, Eder Mello 86, Bromley Kits, Alexvegask8, Hawke, Xurgen PES, UCH FutCat KitMaker, EPX76, GSAL1804, Caveras, Elements MAX, Yoko Diaz, Masuta, PTE, imzenox l kevin, AntonG25, rainP0322, AbRockyFalls_WE, waserin_PES, J.Kit_Editor, Ahmed Al-Hussein, VinnieCisneros, Lobosemillas, PESoccerPeru, Pablosky, Garythano, Pencho Galleta, Sando, EditemosPES, CristianNippon, JP Kitmaker, Speckkopf, Philips, iamRubeMG, Swoosh1968, Jch331994.
  • Badges in kits by Txak.
  • Referee kit server compiled by Hawke. Beta testing by Cesc Fabregas.
  • Referee kits by MJTS-140914, shawminator, Hawke.

Balls, boots, and gloves:

  • Glove pack by Tisera09.
  • Boot pack by Tisera09.
  • Ball server compiled by Hawke. Help & support by Ziyech.2304.
  • Balls by Hawke, Shawminator, Vito, Tiitoo, Txak, Konami.


  • Teams, national teams, and competitions logos adapted by Txak. Logos by Peslogos.
  • PlayStation 4 gamepad by Sargox.
  • MVP Boards by Txak.
  • Animations and cutscenes by FuNZoTiK.
  • Entrances by FuNZoTiK, 1002MB, isa.
  • Trophies by Piero Rojas.
  • Competition banners by ginda01.
  • Menu server compiled by Hawke.
  • Menus and other graphics by --SG--, 1002MB, Shawminator.
  • Scoreboard server compiled and tested by Txak.
  • Scoreboards by Txak, eskpist, Unknown32, FuNZoTiK, 1002MB, Lucasvillakapo, Andò12345, lohan258 (Arthur Torres), Hoppus117, JaviRiver, spursfan18, Ahmedromyo, Meryoju, qkhnsmskk, SG, ryudek, rifcap, Overall, Westaham77.


  • Goal song server compiled by PeZedd.
  • Goal songs by PeZedd, ultrà cosenza.
  • Chants pack by Predator002.
  • Chants Base pack by Predator002.
  • National anthems by Predator002.
  • Tournament anthems by Predator002.
  • Team anthems by Predator002, superb3222, OBH, RIE, Dave78, Kunpup.


  • Adboard pack by Chosefs, extended and tested by Txak.
  • Adboards by Chosefs, majuh, ctonian, Nabawi, Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, BenjaDiaz, DrDoooMuk, Gothlay.
  • Stadium server completely compiled and tested by AnArKi_FrOsT.
  • Stadiums by Jostike games, the_pelado, AFA-PES, gavi83, 6ons1, Arthur Torres (lohan258), AlexFreen, Andò12345, Ttb, El_Rubio_UY, xcdf86, UdeC_el Pro,, Eddduuuhhh, PeZedd, chosefs, LauDRuP, martinza, DexX, MYMRanger, MJTS-140914, omarbonvi, RavenFCB, José Ribeiro Junior, Ole, captain8lunt.
  • Corner flag server compiled by superb3222. New corner flags assigned and tested by AnArKi_FrOsT.
  • Corner flags by superb3222, klerry, Neorul.
  • Stadiums fixed by AnArKi_FrOsT, Txak, Garythano.
  • Stadium turfs by Endo, Forstbite.
  • Stadium previews designed by Meryoju and adapted by AnArKi_FrOsT, DeyBIOS, FranJavi.
  • Custom colored nets by guorfan, Czahny.
  • Tunnels by Andò12345 , Eddduuuhhh , Ethan2, FuNZoTiK , Hawke , Jostike Games , lohan258 , PES 2018, PES 2019.

Download PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO!

PES 2020 Patch v6.0 AIO is a free Patchs for PES 2020. You can download through 2 servers below.

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