PES2017 ILP PATCH v1.3
Apr 16, 2020 at 12:48
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PES 2017
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Features PES2017 ILP PATCH V1.3:

-140 Face of Iranian players

-Appit Kit for Iranian teams

-Addition of Azadi Stadium

- You are Iranian players

- The new top of the Iranian Premier League

- Mobile board of the Iranian Premier League

- Transfer update

-Addition to my pes 2020

-Addition of Pack 42 Stadium

Add new exterior to most stadiums

_Addition of new and natural grass

_Scoreboard and logo ripple pes 2020

Added a huge 7,000 facebook pack

Added a huge 7,000 mini facebook pack

_Add new lighting to the editorial room and stadium.

_Increasing the snowy weather of some stands

_Add new player animation

_Addition of conversion reporter from pes 2020

(for the first time

With pronunciation of Iranian legionnaires and young European players)

_Addition of the new pack board and conversion from pes2020

_Great and new Iranian office pack

_Addition of the new Asian Kit Pack

New European Kit Pack

_Addition of the new kit pack of the Iranian Premier League

New planting methods such as pes 2020

New Powerbar mode like pes 2020

_New ball pack (+ ball pes 2020)

_Increasing the new ball of the Iranian Premier League

_Addition of national anthems of countries

_Increase my music like pes 2020

_Addition of different referees of each league

Referee Alireza Faghani

_Addition of the new bridge game is completely different and similar to pes2020

_New shooting system

_New Passing System

Improving deep ground and air passages

Real real people

_New penalty system

A new system has been planted

Animation of the happiness of the new goal of the players

_New spectators and new encouragement _Visitors for European teams






 چگونه PES2017 ILP PATCH V1.3 را نصب کنیم؟

  1. فایل بارگیری و استخراج
  2. فایل های CPK را در پوشه نصب PES 2017 خود کپی کنید.
  3. با استفاده از ابزار DpFileList توسط باریس Dpfilelist.bin تولید کنید.
  4. بازی کنید و لذت ببرید!




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