[PS4/PC] PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0

[PS4/PC] PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0

Feb 15, 2020 at 07:00
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PC, PlayStation 4
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PES 2020
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Download PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0 single link, released Feb 15, 2020.

PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0 Features:

This patch is not mandatory. However, it updates the strengths of the 22 teams created by CYPES (15 from Bundesliga + 7 Europeans ) and it is recommended to install it if you installed the update of transfers from Konami from 02/13/2020.

After installing DLC ​​4.0, go to the Extras » Apply live update menu. Check the boxes for updating club and national team membership.

If you only play online, the transfers will be applied and you do not need to check the boxes.

If you have a Master League in progress, transfers will not be applied in your game, but new players will be added to your game database, and can be purchased.

The two boxes "Apply players / squads" and "Overwrite files with the same names" must be checked for teams with "C1" as initials.

This patch only contains update files, so make sure you have installed the full version CYPES 2.0 (or the CYPES 1.0 + 2.0 + Bundesliga) before installing this patch.

Players PC , take the D version .

This patch should be installed after updating Konami, not before.

How to install PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0?

If you don't know in what order to download the files to start patching your game:

  1. Install the CYPES 2.0 full version patch
  2. Install the CYPES MAJ TRANSFERTS patch .
  3. The K-League  and the correction of the Colombian league  are optional.
  4. Update the game live before installing the patches.

Download [PS4/PC] PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0!

[PS4/PC] PES 2020 CYPES Patch DP 4.0 is a free Option Files for PES 2020. You can download through 1 server below.

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