PES 2017 TricolorPES Patch v1.3 Update 30.03.2017

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Download PES 2017 TricolorPES Patch v1.3 Single Link.

PES 2017 TricolorPES Patch v1.3 Features:

We bring you the new update of our patch, the brand new TricolorPES Patch 2017 ……… UPDATE V 1.3

Patch / Mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, which allows you to enjoy the Latin American leagues at the highest level of entertainment and gradually approaching your local football.

Update for the Add-on / Patch that updates and modifies the execution of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) in an environment of South American competitions, their leagues, and international tournaments, so that with your favorite team or LM and General leagues you can play Copa Santander Libertadores, South American Qualifiers, Copa América, World Cup, etc.

Specific features and updates:

Update of signings:
Chilean League
Ecuadorian League
Argentina League
Colombian League
Copa Libertadores Teams
South American National Team
Inclusion of new stadiums that can be activated through the League Switch:


Santa Laura (Chile)
San Carlos de Apoquindo (Chile)
National of Chile (Chile)
German Becker (Chile)
Elias Figueroa Brander (Chile)
Monumental David Arellano (Chile)
Huachipato CAP-Acero (Chile)
Bicentennial La Florida (Chile)
Lieutenant of Rancagua (Chile)
Alfonso Lopez (Colombia)
Department of La Libertad (Colombia)
Manuel Toro Murillo (Colombia)
Polideportivo Sur (Colombia)
Palogrande (Colombia)
Nemesio Camacho (Colombia)
Metropolitan of Barranquilla (Colombia)
Pascual Guerrero (Colombia)
Inclusion / Upgrade / Kits Bundle:
Kits Teams Copa Libertadores
Chilean League Kits
Ecuadorian League Kits
Argentina League Kits
US Selections
The League 123
Inclusion / Update / Fixes

Scoreboards Liga Ecuatoriana, Chilena, Argentina, Mexicana, Colombiana

Switch Inlusion for change of use in patches and activation of environment of each league:

Bank of the Pacific Cup
First Division Argentina
Scotiabank 2017 Championship
2017 Eagle League
MX 2017 League
Crowd Disabler Optimization

Reported and repaired bugs:

Premiere League Fix
Fix Copa Libertadores

New link switch execution interface, to be able to direct the switch application to other routes of installation of PES 2017 (Steam, Installations in hard disks apart)

CERTAIN NEW LEATHER EQUIPMENT (CERTAIN OF AGUILA AND CLASSIC), DO NOT EXECUTE IN FRIENDLY MODE, BUT IN THE OTHER COMPETENCIES OF THE PATCH. (Soon the fix) Enjoy the different game modes with these teams, while solving the execution in friendly mode

And much more work ……….


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